NLP Training for Practitioner Certification

Become that Extra Skilled NLP Practitioner who creates Magic – not just talks about it

An NLP Practitioner is someone who has the wisdom and tools to amplify and do more of what works They can also detect ahead of time when something’s not working; so you do whatever it takes to achieve what you set your mind on! This one skill can take you places, achieve success, get you into peak performance states on-demand, influence people to get the results you want, get over all limitations in your mind and really live with freedom, happiness, money and satisfaction like never before!

Do you consider yourself very successful already?
Do you sleep well every night and wake up fresh and excited the next morning?
Do you deal with stress well enough?
Do you feel like you can do so much better than you currently are?
Do you believe managing your team better can make a lot of difference in your work?

What if you had the ability to Influence anybody by just being yourself and using your language as an instrument, to Get the Results you want?

Welcome to the World of NLP! Here is your chance to be Exquisitely skilled, whether you would like to Influence your team, family, superiors or you would like to use NLP on yourself for Lasting Personal Change.

What happens if you could Condition your Neurology for Lasting Transformation, so that when you look at the mirror, you see a new, polished, enhanced, transformed you?

NLP Training for Practitioner Certification from School of Excellence is all about Learning and Applications that are practical; you integrate all your learning into Action for the Real world, such that you see, hear and feel results right here as you pursue the 6-day course.




What’s in it for Me?

You find an awful lot of people who call themselves NLP Practitioners and talk all about it, but rarely do you find people who can really Do the Magic!

Here are some things you will be able to do when you complete the NLP Training for Practitioner Certification with School of Excellence:

  • Get into Powerful states of Resourcefulness and Peak performance (Anytime! – in that important meeting, that big Training or Presentation, a face-to-face meeting you’ve been dreading, just about anywhere, anytime. Access Intense powerful states using the Latest developments in Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Use your language to Influence anybody!
  • Be productive through the day and Get so much more done easily, than you normally do
  • Get over unwanted habits, phobias and limiting beliefs
  • Rejuvenate, refresh and live life anew by cleaning up anything in the past that could possibly bother you now
  • Bring out your Natural Charisma and hold people spellbound by your personality
  • Motivate yourself Naturally and do all of those things you’ve been wanting to do
  • A Permanent working solution for Procrastination
  • Create happy, satisfying relationships with people around you
  • Flush out any negativity, doubts that could hold you back
  • Have a working methodology to Fine-tune your Intuition everyday
  • Ability to Learn quickly and “steal” awesomeness from people you see around you, people who inspire you

And having these skills will enable you to:

  • Grow your business/career multi-fold
  • Expand the number of people you are successful with
  • Build growing and satisfying relationships
  • Enthrall people with your charisma
  • Experience inner peace and freedom
  • Glow with success and look younger everyday
  • Only get better, climb steeper and reach higher targets every passing day
  • Take Control of Your Life where You Design what Your Destiny is going to be like
  • Really LIVE like never before!

The greatest thing about NLP is you not only find yourself becoming more successful every day in every area of your life, but you’ll help others do the same! Remember – the skill is contagious!

Imagine Excellence everywhere you want to see it, starting with You!

“Life is All about Choices. The Choice You make every minute shapes how your Life is going to be the next minute”
And, we know You are here because you are not only curious, but you are the kind of person who would strive to become more successful and happy, and grow every day.

You now have a Choice of just being an NLP Practitioner who talks all about it but Can’t do any magic with it


Be an Exquisitely Skilled NLP Practitioner who can perform Magic anywhere, anytime!

The Truth is that there are very few NLP Trainers who can help you become that Extra Skilled NLP Practitioner.

And, we know you want to not just Know NLP but Use it in Your Real World and Make those Changes

Why Choose to Learn NLP with School of Excellence?

  • Here, you learn Skill, You Practice and experience Results for yourself
    Every batch is customized based on your expectations from the course and how you plan to use NLP in life
  • The Trainers from School of Excellence, Antano Solar John and Harini Ramachandran, having learned from Dr. John Grinder (Co-Creator of NLP), Carmen Bostic St. Clair and Michael Carroll, as well as other early contributors of NLP etc., thereby bringing you NLP straight from the horses’ mouth.
  • Antano and Harini practice NLP Extensively in the field of Coaching, Learning Acceleration, Leadership & Goal Alignment, Behavioral contexts in the Corporate world, as well as Therapy, through NLP Clinics where they have solved cases that have been considered medically impossible. You Learn and get coached continuously by the Masters.
  • Everything that you learn here is what you will Practice right here in the course. All Practice and Results. No place for any humbug.
    You have Ever-Continuous, Ongoing support system, with Guaranteed responses from the NLP Community and Trainers if you have challenges using NLP anytime
  • You also learn a blend of NLP in the Core along with the Latest Developments in the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming, such as New Code NLP developed by Dr. John Grinder (Co-creator of NLP) & Carmen Bostic St. Clair (Co-Creator New Code NLP).


Today, NLP Certification is considered an important part of professional development. Many Trainers, Coaches, Managers, Consultants, Businessmen, Students etc., get Certified as an NLP Practitioner to gain the vital competitive edge. In fact, smart organizations these days prefer NLP trained service providers than otherwise. All this, simply because NLP is extremely powerful and Skilled Practitioners can really do wonders with NLP, on themselves and their clients.

How do people Use NLP after they’ve finished the course?

Personal Transformation significantly happens in the course. And, you’ll learn all the Tools & Techniques you might need to successfully be in rapport with just about anybody, influence people, sort out all kinds of things, become excellent at what you do etc. Different people use NLP in their lives differently:

Trainers use NLP in their Training to create an environment absolutely conducive for learning, eliciting profoundly resourceful states of learning and understanding in people, make transformations on the group at large and generalize them across contexts, control effortlessly the aura of the field at large with every training, captivate people and delight them with new fascinating NLP-based delivery styles, helping people learn at a deeper level and becoming a Trainer that people truly remember for the rest of their lives. Freelance Trainers also use NLP in their pitch to clients.

Sales, Client Servicing & Businessmen use NLP to understand the natural processes that different people use to make decisions and alter their behavior and language in a way that customers feel most understood and feel compelled to buy their product. They use NLP to handle objections, convince people and  offer solutions that they know will work with conviction, confidence and elegance. They also use NLP to reach out to more prospective customers and sell more than before, just by putting their NLP skills to action.

Coaches, Motivational speakers use NLP to completely understand the Client’s model of the world, how they think, what challenges they have etc., by just observing certain things that would have been blind to them all along. Using NLP makes all the difference in the entire effectiveness of Coaching and the remarkable results that they witness allows them to constantly move their client to the next level. Even for this, they use appropriate NLP interventions.

Learners use NLP to Accelerate their learning. It could be arts or any field that they want to get into, even a new job role. Learners use NLP to spot people who are excellent in the field already and merely “steal” excellence from them using NLP modeling. They enhance their ability to Learn quickly and effectively, be in the best states possible to assimilate new things and quickly make it their own.

IT/ Operations/ Banking/ FMCG/ Finance professionals use NLP to be much more effective at work in lesser time than before, being precise and on the dot with different people they meet, programming their neurology for full support in performing complex tasks, being in peak performance states etc., which is crucial to their nature of work. These professionals also use NLP to manage people and influence them, keep their stress levels at check and protect themselves from being easily affected by unresourceful people around.

Therapists already have a lot of knowledge and pre-conceived ideas, either based on experience or what they have read about how the human brain works. However, on Learning NLP, they make a drastic shift by dropping all their bookish knowledge and completely focusing on “What Works”, and having the wisdom to do more of what works! They are able to get results with a client quicker, more effectively, more easily than it has ever been before! They use NLP to help the client achieve what they want, Phobias, fears, depression, addictions, relationships – no matter what the problem is, in just a few moments and NO TABLETS whatsoever!

Sports professionals (or upcoming), Artists, Singers, Actors, Media professionals use NLP to transform their personality and excel in their art. Even if they’ve hit a plateau in their skill levels, they use NLP to push their bar way higher to learn, perform and deliver better than ever before. They use NLP to bring out their natural charisma, get into rapport with just about anyone and be that vivacious, glowing person that people absolutely look up to.

Pure NLP way:
Some start their own practice using their new NLP skills and get paid for sorting out different things people come to them for. The variety itself is fascinating!

Most people make their world a playground for Practicing NLP, then go on to do their Master Practitioner of NLP and then a Certified NLP Trainer, touching lives of thousands of others. They breathe Excellence every day!

So how do you want to use NLP?

NOTE: We only do the NLP Training for Practitioner Certification as part of our larger program – UnConscious Patterning with NLP (uPwithNLP)

The Important Questions – When, Where and How Much?


We have courses happening all through the year in Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai. The NLP Practitioner Certification is for a Total Duration of 6 Days, 9am-6pm.
Here’s the Schedule:

What’s amazing is that you Invest 6 days of Your Life for an Entire lifetime of Transformation, personally and professionally.

It’s always in a Five-star hotel, in most cities the Taj or Lalit, most times. Refer above for the venue details specific to each city

How Much?

This depends entirely on You! We have Early Bird discounts for Early Registrations. And, You don’t have to pay the entire amount on one-go!

Contact Now for more on this:

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Decision Keys you must know:
Prices change every week. Grab your seat Now with the lowest available price
You can pay the remaining amount in affordable installments
You will receive Privilege Access to Learning Material, NLP Learning Community online and continuous support in your NLP interventions and implementations for Life worth Rs. 1,20,000
You will have access to a forum ranked high on search engines to showcase your NLP work globally with links back to your profile/site
Accommodation recommendations are given, if you are traveling from outside of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore or Chennai

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As you know, the NLP Practitioner Certification courses happen in Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore. Take a peak into how the courses have been happening in each of these cities, stories of how people close to where you live have Become Excellent learning NLP through School of Excellence:

NLP in Mumbai
NLP in New Delhi
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NLP in Chennai
NLP in Hyderabad
NLP in Bhubaneshwar
NLP in Pune


On course completion, you will be allowed Privilege to the title
‘Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming’

This Certificate is valid Internationally and for a Life time, fully approved and supported additionally by Two International NLP Bodies, American Board of NLP (ABNLP) and International Hypnosis Association (IHA)

Antano Solar John and Harini Ramachandran are Trainers of NLP and also NLP Trainers Certified by Dr. John Grinder (Co-Creator of NLP), Carmen Bostic St. Clair (Co-Creator of New Code NLP) and Michael Caroll.
Your pedigree Certificate will also reflect the fact that you have been trained by Antano and Harini, certified by the Co-founder of NLP.

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Antano Solar John & Harini Ramachandran

1. Discover Yourself

2. Make Your Top 3 Dreams Come True

3. Nurture the Charismatic Leader & Powerful Influencer in you

4. Enjoy Fantastic Relationships with Family, Friends & Colleagues

5. Experience great Health & Wellness

6. Become a Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming

Delhi - 15-20- August

Bangalore - 19-24- September

Chennai - 21-26- November

Mumbai - 5-10- December

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