Miraculize Your Life

Antano Solar John & Harini Ramachandran

Miraculize Your Life in 6 Days

at uP! with NLP - Superior Capabilities. Installed.

Miraculize means that every progress you make after these 6 days are so natural and so magical that they appear like miracles to others as well as to your current self. This is what we have done in our work with thousands of individuals from every walk of life including Millionaires, Young and Experienced CXO’s, Doctors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, Parents and Professionals.

How to Miraculize Your Life?

1. Make NLP Work For You

Know what drives you, take charge of your own emotions, understand your neurology, learn how the brain works. Learn NLP by experiencing powerful changes in you and practice by working with others as well. The powerful changes include re-programming new behaviours, beliefs, and emotions.

2. Succeed on AutoPilot

Take the Driver’s seat for the Success in your Life. Experience Installations by Antano & Harini in these 6 days so that after the 6 days, you just set the direction and decide what you want in your Life. And your neurology works for you even as you sleep to get you what you want.

3. Grow Blissfully

Experience the magic of generalisations for continuous progress in your life, holistically, even many months after uP!. Be delightfully suprised at the fine tuning of your intuitions to make good decisions in a way that integrates the various aspects of your life like relationships, health, wellness, finance.

uP! with NLP Journey…

  • 1

    You Register for uP! with NLP

  • 2

    Share Your Wishlist and Expectations

  • 3

    Experience Excellence Installations with Antano & Harini (as they use exquisite Conversational Programming) to Program your Neurology for Excellence

  • 4

    Learn and Apply NLP to get superior performance Contexts in Your life that matter the most to you

  • 5

    Build deep rapport with your own sub-conscious and develop fine intuition and the resources to Heal yourself

  • 6

    Experience Deep states of Accelerated Learning, Relaxation, Emotions like never before using the latest technology

  • 7

    Integrate your new learnings into your Work, Relationships, Passion, Finance

  • 8

    Identify Leverages. The finest thing that you can reprogram in your life to get superior growth

  • 9

    Develop skills of finer distinctions, alertness

  • 10

    Recognise and be surprised at how in just 6 days, people around you have begun to notice & appreciate changes - your immediate circle such as Family, specifically

  • 11

    Strengthen your beliefs, desire and determination to achieve your goals and dreams

  • 12

    Get Emotional Freedom

  • 13

    Get Over Limiting Habits and Beliefs that maybe hampering your growth or success

  • 14

    Witness Changes in People Around You and in Yourself

  • 15

    The installations and superior capabilities reflect in the form better results in whatever you do

  • 16

    You recognise how people around you are responding to you differently, with more respect and more favourably than ever before

  • 17

    You are working with people with more finesse and building healthy relationships easily

  • 18

    You recognise that you are able to learn things faster

  • 19

    Your voice, tonality and body language has improved in range to connect with more people easily

  • 20

    You are able to achieve naturally whatever you set your mind on

  • 21

    The time you have with your Family, Colleagues and Friends suddenly witnesses a shift in quality for the better, bringing them and you more joy

  • 22

    Now, you are easily achieving things that you’ve always wanted to achieve as all those dreams translate into reality in a flow

    Success Coaching

  • 23

    You list down your Top three goals that you want to achieve This Year in your Life - Financial Abundance, Buying a new House, Learning a New Language, Publish a new book etc.

  • 24

    Work with a Dedicated uP!withNLP Success Coach as you do Just 1 activity every month to measure your success objectively as well as to ensure there are no gaps in your success installations

  • 25

    Be delighted as you achieve at least 2 of your goals within just 6 months after uP!withNLP program

    uP! University

  • 26

    Get Access to Hundreds of Quality Videos & Tips available to you for each of the contexts you put yourself in - Negotiation, Sales, Training, Parenting, Learning new skills, Career Growth, more Personal Transformation etc.

  • 27

    Continue to explore and refine more applications of NLP in contexts where you want to focus on and stay connected with Thousands of prestigious uP!withNLP Alumni around the world

  • 28

    Get clarity and answers to whatever questions you may have on the Continuous Learning Platform with uP!withNLP Alumni, Success Coaches actively sharing their day to day applications, success stories and helping you grow

  • 29

    Get Case-by-Case support as you prepare for critical events in your life

    Grow Blissfully

  • 30

    Allow for the learning to further geneleralize in your life and enhancing different aspects and contexts in your life automatically

  • 31

    Be delightfully suprised at the fine tuning of your intuitions to make good decisions in a way that integrates the various aspects of your life like relationships, health, wellness, finance

  • 32

    Cherish the success, relationships and growth in your life. And as you continue to grow blissfully. Come and visit us whenever you like and experience magic all over again.

uPwithNLP Schedule

  • Delhi

    13–18 April 2015

    The Lalit

  • Chennai

    20 – 25 April 2015

    Residency Towers

  • Bangalore

    25-30 May 2015

    Le Meridien

  • Mumbai

    1 – 6 June 2015

    The Lalit

  • Sydney

    15–20 June 2015


Bonus Features

  • Bonus 1: Success Coaching to achieve your Top 3 Goals

    Success on AutoPilot installations ensures that you will get your dreams coming true all your life. How about we add a certain measurement to it? And do explicit activities to fill any gaps and strengthen your success circuits. This is Success Coaching. You will have 12 sessions through the next 1 year with our Expert NLP Success Coach to enrich this journey with you!

  • Bonus 2: Complimentary Advanced Training & UnLimited Revisits

    After all the Superior Capabilities. Installed. Take your NLP skills and your Life to a different league of Excellence and get Certified as ‘Advanced Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming’ as you experience another magical journey with Antano & Harini, passionately.

  • Bonus 3: Life Time Access to Collaborative Continuous Learning

    Our Alumni network has Doctors, Lawyers, Brigadiers, Celebrities, Artists, Musicians, MNC directors, Trainers, Life Coaches, Professors, Teachers, Students, Authors, Entrepreneurs who continuously share their success case studies, life experiences as well as collaborate and find innovative methods to grow together. You will never be alone in your blissful journey to continued success!.


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What does the founder of NLP say about the individuals, Antano and Harini?

These two are distinct in many ways – they are unabashed to demonstrate their passion for excellence – fortunately, this passion is founded on extensive field experience and a wide range of applications. They offer a special configuration as they work as a team with elegance and effectiveness – all this based on their personal mastery of the patterning. Antano and Harini are two of the finest trainers available in NLP at the present.

John Grinder

Dr. John Grinder (Co-Creator of NLP & New Code NLP)

Do you want to stay connected with the two individuals who are going to help you enrich your life with abundance of all things good. This is where you can find them.


Antano Solar John

Antano communicates a lot of ideas by writing. You may find some of his articles thought provoking and stuff that you may never find in any other NLP book. His writing is primarily for the Alumni who are already well trained. However, the depth of his writing appeals to first time readers as well.

Explore Antano’s Articles

Harini Ramachandran

Harini is an artist (knows as Singer Megha) who brings her artistic qualities to very select articles that she writes on Excellence and NLP. She is a soulful performer and a singer who voice has been part of successful work by A.R Rahman, Illayaraja and other renowned composers in films, opera. She has the unique ability to help people develop artistic characteristics to their personality enhancing their output of logic and education.

Discover More of Harini
4 things that are are unique about the work done by Antano & Harini:
  • ONLY Handful of People like Antano & Harini know how to leverage Neuro Linguistic Programming to do ‘Excellence Installations’ conversationally.
  • They ensure you learn NLP using NLP. And leverage the full combination of conscious as well as unconscious assimilation to deliver in 6 days what traditionally would have taken months
  • They are masters of inducing generalisations, and they use this skill to assist your unconscious to take your profound learning experiences as a leverage to spread the growth into other contexts in your life.
  • They both have a solid foundation of the fundamentals of NLP as it was originally created in its earlier days as well as a firm grip on the latest ground breaking development in the field including the New Code NLP

Discover Yourself

Explore with your inner self, know what drives you, find your passion, align your resources conscious & unconscious, Experience Bliss!


Program your Neurology, Learn the language of the sub-conscious, Get rid of unnecessary habits & patterns, Install powerful new ones and Live the Life you want

Communication Mastery

Influence with grace and precision, Get the results you want from people, through people, easily using the full force of Conversational Programming

Design Your Destiny

Set powerful intentions, Get the Results you want, Bring in Abundance in Finance, Health, Love, Peace and Satisfaction.

Master your Emotions

Take charge, Program your Neurology, Get into Peak Performance states on demand, Get the Results you want, easily

Learn NLP Blissfully

Get ‘Excellence Installations’ by Antano & Harini. Master NLP the technology, techniques & make a start towards Accelerated Learning with NLP, blissfully

Here is Proof of Some of our Work

#Swetha Burugula

- uPwithNLP Master Practitioner

Celebrity Anchor, Author, Dancer, Healer in 2 years!

New into the corporate world, Swetha explored uPwithNLP in 2011 November and since then, has gone on to do things she’d dreamt of doing some day. “I’ve always wanted to be the Queen of All Trades”, she quips, proudly! uPwithNLP has helped me transformed beyond…

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#Partha Pratim Chowdhary

- uPwithNLP Practitioner

360 degree turn in Life of Life Coach

From long sessions and conscious counselling to instant miracles that sustain and grow with time! “uPwithNLP has helped me build beautiful relationships as well as help people get to where to want to go, quickly!”, says Partha who now Coaches Celebrities, IPL team members etc.

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#Dr. Gowri Ramachandran

- uPwithNLP Master Practitioner

Ex-Government servant turned Economist, Chief Financial Officer, Columnist in National News dailies & NLP Bliss Healer

Famous in Finance world as a speaker and economist, Dr. Gowri is a regular on Television and more recently, as a columnist in National news dailies. “Antano & Harini have helped me achieve both, Personally & Professionally; a dream come true. There’s immeasurable joy and confidence in doing what I do, now! uPwithNLP journey grows on you; Excellence becomes part of what you breathe”

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#Deepika Chalasani

- uPwithNLP Master Practitioner

From Employee to Employability Queen! CEO of Fit4Life creating success stories in the lives of thousands

She dreamt of “Employability” and nurtured the dream all the way. Sooner than she realized, she took the plunge and married her two greatest passions - Employability & Fitness! Today, she runs a successful orgnaization Fit4Life and bakes in Balance and Joy into every bit of work she does… Here are videos shot live as she expresses her uPwithNLP journey to Excellence…

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What does it Look Like?

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Antano Solar John & Harini Ramachandran

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2. Make Your Top 3 Dreams Come True

3. Nurture the Charismatic Leader & Powerful Influencer in you

4. Enjoy Fantastic Relationships with Family, Friends & Colleagues

5. Experience great Health & Wellness

6. Become a Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming

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Sydney - 15–20- June

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